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Our Serivces

We track inflight ancillary revenue performance that allows airlines to examine the data deeper.

Aviation is one of the most complex industries. We are here to help airlines maximize their inflight ancillary revenues and help the environment by decreasing in-flight catering overload. It is all because of our AI-driven solution that creates customized catering loading for each flight.


Instantly retrieve, analyze, transform, and report inflight ancillary revenue and performance data of each flight that helps you to make plan your resources more efficiently.


Make the business process much simpler with AI that by learning various data patterns and insights will automatically create customized loading plans for each flight with the products that you are most likely to sell.

Point of Sale

Get our app on any Android or iOS device and turn it into a portable point of sale terminal. Connect as many POS stations as you want and exchange data continuously between them.


Track inventory levels, orders, sales, and deliveries easily in all warehouses to avoid product overstock and outages. Forget spreadsheets and emails.

Why To Choose Us

We help airlines who want to maximize business sustainability by providing automation processes.

People are different on different flights. So as their needs. Our inflight catering ERP analyzes your customers and ancillary revenue performance to optimize catering loading for each flight according to the passengers' needs. This technology helps Us to reduce your fuel consumption and carbon footprint.

Customized Catering Loading

Demand differs due to various factors.
Our AI-driven solution creates customized catering loading plans for your flights according to their performance, maximizes your revenue, and reduces catering overload.

Pre‑Order Management

A large number of pre-orders can make flight service a complicated and long process that damages passengers' satisfaction. We provide a user-friendly interface where the crew can distribute pre-orders much easier and faster.

Crew Management

The crew can easily track their commission's history and discrepancies. Moreover, we provide crew performance insights that let to indicate areas of improvement and plan additional training for the crew to maximize their sales.

Reduced Overload

Customized catering loading plans eliminates unnecessary catering products and items to save space for those that your passengers love. This often leads to a reduced overall catering weight.

Fuel Consumption

We optimize catering loading to reduce overall weight and equipment amount. Overload removal slightly decreases fuel consumption, which becomes significant if the number of your fleet is always growing.

Carbon Footprint

Aviation faces many challenges, one of them - is the carbon-footprint generated by the aviation industry. Customized catering loading plans help to make your flights more sustainable.


Aviation contributes around 2% of all global greenhouse emissions while supporting 8% of the world economy in terms of GDP.

Data is Always Predictable

Every flight generates a lot of data - route, weather, aircraft performance, passengers' attributes, even financial data. There are plenty of successful examples of how airlines used predictive analytics for various business purposes. By empowering historical data and current trends, we can predict future outcomes that will help to make the business sustainable.

We take the next step to provide a sustainable solution for inflight catering lifecycles.

What the Science Says.

Mathematical modelling could lead up to 11% to 31% improvement in CO2 emissions by manipulating flight scheduling, aircraft selection, and airport gate selection. In order to reach this result, there is a need to plan a flight in a direct path between two airports to prevent any horizontal or vertical inefficiencies.

Jalalian, M., Gholami, S., & Ramezanian, R. (2019)

CO2 emissions per passenger kilometre has decreased by 27% between 1986 to 2004, however European airlines consumed 220% more fuel due to industry expansion. For example, flight operating daily North Atlantic service could reduce 456,2 tonnes of CO2 emissions if 1 tonne from Boeing 747-400 takeoff weight is removed.

Mason, K. J., & Miyoshi, C. (2009)

Vegetables generate almost 48% of all onboard food waste.

Thamagasorn, M., & Pharino, C. (2019)

Our Goal

Innovative Airline Catering.

Sustainable airline catering lifecycles - an economic benefit for the airline, a social benefit for the customer, and the environmental benefit. Innovative airline catering reduces fuel consumption that leads to reduced fuel costs, fulfills the catering demand according to passengers' needs, and reduces the amount of CO2 exposed due to catering overload.

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